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23 01 2009

Welcome! Here is the space to talk about the art of photography, and a place to learn how to make big money with a unique shot! My name is Kipp, I’ve been a Commercial Portrait and Fine art photographer for over 30 years. I love to discuss photography, and am eager to share my experiences and knowledge to beginners, black and white, and color photographers. From the very basics, to the most esoteric.  This blog is here for YOU! Ask a question, make a comment, start a discussion. No one  knows too little, and no one knows too much. Let’s grow together! I love to talk and share and learn. So just ask a question,post a comment,or SHOUT IT OUT!
Thanks a lot! Enjoy!





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24 01 2009

Kipp,Thanks for your new post.

22 03 2009
Bob Burk, California

Kip, if Obama gets his way anything worth anything will be taxed until it has no value. 3/4 of the tax will be re-destributed 1/4 will go to the corn lobby for energy.

31 03 2009
Richard Steckis

I look forward to your endeavours with this blog.

All the best.

25 04 2009

Hi Kipp,

You expressed interest in my montage image of the derelict factory. How does $50 sound? Let me know if that is ok and what format you would like the image in.



23 08 2009
Kipp Alpert

1. Latest craze!!painting with light.Go to dark area set up three or four different colored lights,set camera on manual. Shoot four shots at two seconds each, so shoot bulb for eight to ten seconds.One after the other.Set aperture at F/11,ISO 100, shoot raw or tiff.Move camera from light to light, swerve camera around to make designs.Results, black background, varied colored lines according to your movements. Fun if you can do three different people with individual light on them.Multiple faces, floating around,one at the camera, one profile, one full body. Great family grouping.Try it. KIPP


Red Eye: Putting a flash right on a Camera, the built in kind, will make your naturaly white catch lights look red. Why, because the flash strobe is directly facing your subject. This is the dumbest thing I hvae ever seen. The retina relfects back into your camera red, the longest wavelength. Using a fill flash is absolutely necessary for filling in shadows, as you should be shooting into the sun. What you should do is get a flash with a cord, which you probably have already, and buy a Wein adapter to recieve the cord from your flash. It is made to go on the hot shoe of your camera and costs around thirty dollars. Then just take this flash and hold it at least six inches from the lens. Than you will get perfectly round catchlights, the white light of a 5800 kelvin, or daylight color temperature. You must have further questions as I just started with one small topic. This flash will also create a sculpted face instead of those new flashes which make people void of skin tone and color. If you are using photoshop you can do all of the above, however by shooting in raw or tiff, you get the real face tones of the subject. Good Luck! KIPP

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26 08 2009
Bob Tisdale

Kipp: As opposed to your adding comments to your first post, why not have the comments as second and third posts. They’re separate topics, worthy on individual discussions.

It takes a time to build up readers. But you need more than a first post.


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