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Professional Commercial Photographer.of Fairfield County,CT. Published in; New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Redbook,Hallston Sportswear,Ralph Lauren, Corporate Annual Reports. Celebrity portraits; Akio Morita (Founder of Sony), Actor Jason Robards, Golfer Lee Trevino, Mutual of Omaha’s Jim Fowler, and Ralph Nader.Copied works for Producer Joseph E.Levine,Renoir, Monet,vanGogh. Black & White student of the school of Ansel Adams. Son of Trigger Alpert, Jazz Musician, and the innovator of photographs mounted on Artists canvas.MemberASMP,ASmediaP, PPofA.MP*


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23 08 2009
Kipp Alpert

Latest craze!!painting with light.Go to dark area set up three or four different colored lights,set camera on manual. Shoot four shots at two seconds each, so shoot bulb for eight to ten seconds.One after the other.Set aperture at F/11,ISO 100, shoot raw or tiff.Move camera from light to light, swerve camera around to make designs.Results, black background, varied colored lines according to your movements. Fun if you can do three different people with individual light on them.Multiple faces, floating around,one at the camera, one profile, one full body. Great family grouping.Try it. KIPP

23 08 2009
Kipp Alpert

Red Eye: Putting a flash right on a Camera, the built in kind, will make your naturaly white catch lights look red. Why, because the flash strobe is directly facing your subject. This is the dumbest thing I hvae ever seen. The retina relfects back into your camera red, the longest wavelength. Using a fill flash is absolutely necessary for filling in shadows, as you should be shooting into the sun. What you should do is get a flash with a cord, which you probably have already, and buy a Wein adapter to recieve the cord from your flash. It is made to go on the hot shoe of your camera and costs around thirty dollars. Then just take this flash and hold it at least six inches from the lens. Than you will get perfectly round catchlights, the white light of a 5800 kelvin, or daylight color temperature. You must have further questions as I just started with one small topic. This flash will also create a sculpted face instead of those new flashes which make people void of skin tone and color. If you are using photoshop you can do all of the above, however by shooting in raw or tiff, you get the real face tones of the subject. Good Luck! KIPP

6 10 2009
Warren and Jan

. . . so we were watching a PBS special on Big Bands the other night and I recognized the bass player. He looked a lot like my old friend Kip. Then it hit me!

So isn’t it amazing what you can find on the internet!

We hope this message finds you well. Jan and I moved to Chapel Hill back in 1986. We’ve raised our three kids here and now have 3 grandchildren. Jan’s a retired school teacher and I’m retired from IBM and selling real estate with my son Jonathan.

I wish I could see the look on your face when you open this. I’m guessing that we have a lot to catch up on. Jan is going “to freak” when she find out I found this site. Her email is jan_wehmann@yahoo.com We’re on line every day.

Hope to hear from you soon.


13 01 2014
Virginia Tate

Heya Kip! Was thinking about you today and sorry to hear about your Dad… be well, Gigi

10 02 2014
Dave Van De Brake

I got acquainted with your father by way of the World War II sunset serenade recordings.The one interview that struck my war over the years was when your father was brought back from Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indiana on leave for a Special Holiday Get Together….and he was enthusiastically talking about jive and Swing while the best music was being broadcast from the Cafe Rouge, in the Hotel Pennsylvania…In New York City!!!

The funny thing is that your fathers energy and warm humor transcended the decades and airwaves…it compelled me to try to find out more on this clever guy…

As a retired Combat Cameraman, I thought that it would be Interesting to see if this character was still around and be willing to talk with me about his life and effervescent approach!!

I even told family members of my intent
To do a new short documentary on Trigger Alpert…

Today…I typed in his name to try and get a contact number and was dumbfounded to find that he was called home on Dec 21,2013!….the same day that I Shared my interest to record this gentleman for posterity!!!…..damn the luck!

The Vet Connection that was made thru the Glenn Miller Sunset Seranade in 1941….via digital purchase is even more interesting due to the fact that I retired from the United States Air Force
In 2002 after 22years of service….

After more than 60 plus years…it still strikes me that the great energy and Good will that was recorded in 1941
Would still carry a fun and moving energy that would motivate me to try and reach out to try to add one last story….

Although I never had the honor or pleasure to meet your father personally…the experience gained from the broadcast led me discover more about the man, Musician,photographer,Artist, and humanitarian…
I’m sorry for your loss….but thankful that lively,upbeat,and positive men like your father..help brighten and lighten the way!

See you at the next serenade!
Best to you all!
Dave Van De Brake USAF/Ret

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